O/FORM – a Design and Production Company based in Denmark specializing in Nordic design in Solid Surface materials.

Our ideas and creativity is based on working with clients, where we help putting their desires into Nordic minimalist inspired design solutions.

So, if you’re looking for a unique design agency and fabricator you can trust with all your creative needs then let us help you now.

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Pleasure of the touch

Look of stone, pleasant and warm to the touch. Attractive and inviting surface structure.Touch it; feel how nice it is.

Mechanical resistance

Surface structure designed to limit the mechanical damage and so to maintain its like-new-appearance for years. Various stains can easily be removed. Solid surface makes ravages of time invisible.

Antibacterial and health-friendly

In addition to the original solid surface you can opt for an innovative material called solid surface plus, featuring an antibacterial substance fully integrated in its overall structure. As soon as the bacteria touch the surface, they are eradicated and their further development is prevented.

Simple to clean and maintain

It is for its simple cleaning and maintenance that Kerrock has become so popular; the stains can be removed by simply using water and ordinary cleaning agents. For a silky shine and freshness of colours we recommend cleaning by using fine abrasives.

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